Ananta Wali, QA manager at Codal, discusses her role and the importance of rigorous software quality testing

What is the QA testing process like at Codal?

Unlike other web design and development agencies, the QA team at Codal gets involved in every project during its early stages. As Wali says, this allows the team to fully understand each project’s unique needs and challenges.

What challenges does the QA team face when working on a project?

Often, Wali encounters clients that do not have a firm understanding of the QA process. She says that a key part of her role is educating clients on the benefits of QA and how it can improve the long-term health of a digital product.

How important is automation to the QA process?

Automated QA testing tools help teams easily run tests on software and get accurate and timely reports. Automation helps reduce the manual labor typically involved in QA testing, and is a crucial component of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD).

What excites you most about the QA at Codal?

Wali finds the diversity in projects and clients that Codal engages with to be particularly interesting. The wide variety of solutions her team has a hand in keeps things fresh and engaging.



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