AS400 modernization for eCommerce businesses [Video]

  1. The software is outdated: Built in 1988, the AS400 has an outdated interface and a monolithic code architecture, making it difficult for organizations to integrate new technologies and streamline workflows.
  2. There’s a lack of IT support: The number of programmers knowledgeable in AS400 is shrinking every day, as many of them are now retiring-making the process of hiring new talent more arduous and expensive.

Approaches to modernization

  • Re-engineer: Batch jobs, or predefined actions-such as ETL data processing — submitted to a system without requiring user intervention, can be moved to a cloud environment through re-engineering. This allows files to be accessed and analyzed in real time, while also simplifying the system’s code.
  • Re-host: This involves redeploying applications on a new server-either physical or virtual-without changing any of the system’s interfaces, features, or functionality. With an AS400 emulator like Infinite i, AS400 applications can run on any x86–64 cloud-based interface.
  • Re-architect: Developers can rewrite application codes with a more scalable design to function within — as well as maximize the potential of — their new cloud environment’s features and capabilities.

Benefits of AS400 modernization

  • Lower operational costs
  • Streamlined development workflows
  • Improved customer experience
  • Superior data security
  • Smoother integrations with third-party tools and applications

How Codal can help



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