Gamification in fintech: Benefits, examples, and best practices

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What is gamification?

Benefits of fintech gamification

  • Increasing customer engagement and loyalty: Given the right incentives, users will spend more time on your website or app. And if the interface is fun and inviting, they’ll feel like they’re in good hands when managing their finances — which many people consider a chore.
  • Standing out among your competitors: Gamification presents an opportunity to get creative and differentiate your company from other financial services.
  • Understanding user behavior: Collecting, managing, and analyzing data from your fintech app allows you to better understand the wants, needs, and expectations of your clients.
  • Building a digital community: By enabling users to interact with each other and invite others onto the platform via social media, you can form an online community of brand loyalists that grows over time.

Examples of gamification in fintech

  • Venmo: By allowing users to see transactions between their friends on their feed, Venmo establishes a sense of community that curbs certain anxieties. This gamification technique is known as dynamic feedback.
  • Monobank: This Ukrainian neobank allows customers to make purchases directly from their smartphones. And the more transactions a user conducts, the more badges they unlock.
  • Fortune City: Fortune City is a financial tracking app, where users build entire virtual cities — much like The Sims — based on their spending habits. For instance, if the user regularly eats out at restaurants, more and more food joints will pop up in their personalized city. In addition to having a visual representation of their finances, users can also earn points by completing achievements and competing with their friends.

Best practices when gamifying your fintech app

  • Prioritize personalization: By leveraging individual customer data, you can deliver personalized financial strategies, goals, challenges, and achievements — as well as online courses, blogs, videos, and other helpful content that’s relevant to each client’s journey.
  • Include avatars: Allowing players to choose, upload, or unlock their unique avatar is a common social element in the world of gaming. In fintech, this can help make traditionally-boring processes a bit more fun and unique for the end-user.
  • Prevent “tilting”: Tilting is a gaming term used to describe overly-aggressive behavior that leads to bad results — like a pinball player tilting the machine, or a poker player going all-in with a poor hand. Whatever your fintech solution is, it should be designed to prevent tilting at all costs, so that your customers don’t make serious mistakes with their money. Many gamified financial apps incorporate AI-powered bots that are trained to identify tilting behavior and send automated notifications to customers before any real damage is done.
  • Encourage team play: As we’ve seen with Venmo and other money-trading apps, creating a sense of community leads to a better customer experience. And highly-gamified apps like Fortune City prove that fintech consumers are eager to do more than simply connect with their friends. Allowing users to interact, team up on challenges, and even compete against each other for rewards can create a more fun and captivating customer experience for all.

Getting started with gamification in fintech




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A digital solutions partner with a data-driven approach that empowers companies at the intersection of UX design, development, & business.

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