Rahul Yadav, Associate Director of PMO at Codal, discusses his role and the future of digital transformation

What does a Product Manager do?

Codal’s Product Managers oversee projects from beginning to end. Based on the client’s industry and underlying technologies, Rahul will assemble a team of designers and developers that have experience working in that particular niche, and with the applicable solutions.

  • Analyzing product requests: Rahul communicates with the client to uncover the true motivation behind their request, and ultimately better target the work we will be doing. Some clients, for example, may want to build a mobile app to improve their customer experience. But in his analysis, Rahul may discover a better solution, such as building out new features and functionality on the client’s website.
  • Identifying additional opportunities: During the Discovery phase, Rahul and his team constantly find ways to improve internal workflows and the customer experience. Rahul will bring these opportunities to the client’s attention and add them to the scope of work.
  • Delivering exceptional results: Taking everything the team has learned so far, Rahul puts together an implementation plan with a timeline of project deliverables and milestones, then executes that plan using the Agile methodology.

What are the keys to success when working on a project?

With over a decade of experience building and optimizing products for businesses in finance, healthcare, legal, public sector, and many other industries, Rahul has learned that there are certain rules a Product Manager must live by. Regardless of the project, Codal’s Product Managers always emphasize:

  • Adaptability: Even after the strategy has been kicked off, clients will often want to make changes, based on new priorities, business trends, and other factors. Rahul and his team must remain flexible so they can quickly adapt to these changes.
  • Thinking outside the box: As mentioned above, Codal’s Product Managers are always looking for additional ways to improve business processes and optimize revenue for our clients. These opportunities are identified through creative brainstorming — where the team utilizes past experience, technical expertise, and in-depth research.

How has the industry changed over the past few years?

For more than a decade, Codal has been helping organizations solve problems through digital transformation. And after working on countless web development and design projects, Rahul has noticed that the term “digital transformation” has taken on a new meaning.

How does Codal differ from other design and development agencies?

“Codal perfectly blends modern management consulting with traditional web design and development services,” says Rahul. “We’re a big company with little bureaucracy, so I have the autonomy and resources to get moving on delivering value to our clients as quickly as possible.” The Product Managers at Codal are equipped to plan and execute strategies with optimal speed and efficiency, meaning our clients receive results on time, on budget, and of the highest quality.



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